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Birthdate:Jun 18, 1989
Location:Cerdanyola del Vallès, Spain
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+The Girl+

-Nickname: Sunday.
-Real Name: Irina.
-Age: 19.
-Date of Birthday: 18th June 1989.
-Sex: Female.
-From: Gran Canaria, Canary Islands (Spain).
-Actual Location: Barcelona, Cataluña (Spain).
-Hair Color: Black.
-Tattoos: Soon.
-Piercings: Yes.
-Ethnicity: Caucasian.
-Religion: Agnostic | Spagnostic
-Smoke / Drink: No / No.
-Orientation: Bi | Sapiosexual.
-Status: Single.
-Style: Myself. Don't like labels.
-Philosophy:Straight Edge.
-Annoying habbit: Fangirling. Spacing out. Insomnia. Easily Obsessive.
-Studying:Ex-Biology student Current hiatus soon-to-be Musical Journalism student.
-Free Time: Listening to Music. Reading. Surfing the net. Tv Shows. Documentaries. Daydreaming.

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+The Likes+

MUSIC. Barcelona. Interesting People. Ancient Civilizations. Fueled by Ramen. Paranormal Stuff. Zoology. Band Slash. Manga & Anime. Tolerance. Animals. Environment. Comics. Musical Journalism. Concerts. Traveling. Finland. Art. University. Gaia Theory. Suicide Girls. Psychology. Documentaries. Livejournal. Reading. Intelligence. Taking Photos. Gore & Horror Movies. Learning. My Friends. Scene Queens. iPod. Ecology. Eyeliner. Yoga. Tattoos. Piercings. Spending hours on the net.

+The Dislikes+

Labels. Judgementalism. Animal Abuse. George Bush. Animal Testing. Contamination. Racism. Sexism (Machism & Feminism). Liars. Casual Sex. Reggaeton Music. Hypocrisy. Alcohol. Smoking. Drugs. Groupies. Studying. Exams. Math. Gossips. Extremist/Radical People. Hot Weather. Close-Minded People. Homophobes/Biphobes/Transphobes/etc. People who critic other people's music taste. Falling for the wrong person. People against human rights. Polygamy. Being internet-less. Menstrual Pain. Guilt.

+The Tweets+

+The Music+

+The People+

The Ladies:

Lyn-Z. Audrey Kitching. Hannah Beth. Ashlee Simpson. Manko Suicide. Kate Moening. Maja Ivarsson. Zoli Suicide. Christina Ricci. Zui Suicide. Reagan Suicide. Alicia Simmons. Cristina Scabbia. Helena Bohan-Carter. Eliza Dushku. Emilie Autumn. Ellen Page. Vicky-T

The Guys:

GERARD WAY.PATRICK STUMP. Jade Puget. Bill Kaulitz. Gabe Saporta. Tim Burton. Brendon Urie. Johnny Depp. Charles Darwin. William Beckett. Freddie Mercury. Frank Iero. Jonne Aaron. David Bowie. Gary Oldman. Iker Jimenez. Heath Ledger. Pete Wentz. Edward Norton.

+The Movies+

Brokeback Mountain. The Crow. Edward Scissorhands. Interview with the Vampire. A Clockwork Orange. Corpse Bride. Nightmare Before Christmas. Beetlejuice. Big Fish. Constantine. Butterfly Effect. Trainspotting. Velvet Goldmine. The Lost Boys. The Godfather. SAW Movies. Back to the Future Movies. Jackass Movies. The Illusionist. An Inconvenient Truth. Pirates of the Caribbean Movies. Monty Python's Movies. 1408. The Shining.

+The Tv Shows+

Six Feet Under. Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Lost. Heroes Viva la Bam. Jackass. The Simpsons. South Park. CSI. Supernatural. The L Word. Tru Calling. Merlin. Queer as Folk US. Criminal Minds. Prison Break. Weeds. Scrubs. Cuarto Milenio. House MD. Dexter. ReGenesis. Torchwood. True Blood. Apparitions. Dollhouse. Pushing Daisies. The Mentalist.

The Anime:

Death Note. Gravitation. Yami No Matsuei. No Money (Okane Ga Nai). Bleach. Loveless. Kannazuki no Miko. Sukisyo. Rozen Maiden. Slayers. Blood+. Zombie Loan. Kuroshitsuji

+The Stuff+

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Self-Injury: You are NOT the only one.

Monday, March 1, 2004 is SI Awareness Day.

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Mental Illness: People Say I'm Crazy.
October 3rd through 9th 2004 is Mental Illness Awareness Week. 

I will not stand for this

Everyone Feels This Pain
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It affects everyone

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Bisexuality is real. Get over it.

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80s, afi, ancient civilizations, ancient egypt, androgyny, animal rights, animals, anime, anne rice, anti-violence, art, audrey kitching, barcelona, bill kaulitz, biology, bisexuality, bleach, blood, books, bosch, boys in tight pants, brokeback mountain, buffy the vampire slayer, bushido, clockwork orange, cobra starship, concerts, dalí, daniela sea, david bowie, death, death note, documentaries, ecology, emily the strange, emo boys, environmentalism, europe, eyeliner, f1, fall out boy, fanfictions, femenine boys, finland, finnish, finnish boys, finnish music, frank iero, freedom, fueled by ramen, gaia theory, gerard way, gerard/frank, german hip-hop, girls, godsgirls, gore, graveyards, guitars, harry potter, heartagram, helsinki, heroes, him, homosexuality, horror, house md, human rights, incest, individuality, insomnia, internet, ireland, j-rock, jackass, jade puget, japanese boys, joaquin sabina, johnny deep, jonne aaron, journalism, joy division, kimi raikkonen, l lawliet, learning, les paul, lesbians, lestat, life, lin-z, livejournal, lovex, lyn-z, manga, marauders, michael j. fox, music, musica, my chemical romance, mägo de oz, negative, nightmare before christmas, panic! at the disco, paranormal, parapsychology, patrick stump, petrick, pictures, piercings, pierre/david, placebo, pretty boys, private line, psychology, queer as folk, razia's shadow, reading, ryan ross, rydon, sapiosexuality, saw, scandinavia, scene queens, science, sex, six feet under, slash, spike, straight edge, suicidegirls, suomi rock, supernatural, tattoos, the academy is, the l word, the used, tim burton, tokio hotel, tolerance, traveling, tv shows, twincest, ulquiorra schiffer, uniklubi, university, vampires, william beckett, wrestling, yaoi, yuri, zoology
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